Wednesday, September 30, 2009

UK Vogue 2009

It's taken five excruciating days of pureed food and a saw mouth but finally I am feeling great. First stop today... buy myself something nice.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


There is something so delicious about a new pair of shoes.

give me these pleassse


Monday, September 28, 2009


taken by i phone: bad quality

Once a year Brisbane puts on a show to celebrate brisbane? Yeah I guess that's the excuse to get drunk, waste thousands of dollars on fireworks. Ah but this night was unusually better than usual. I got to spend it with madi xo. I'm strutting one of my newest buys. Sequin top with butterfly arms. It's actually incredible...only $10. Man I don't know what I would do without second-hand-stores.
Post on 'best brisbane thrift stores' to come, keep watching.


Marry me Kate?

How flipping hot are there photographs. Mario Testino photographs Kate Moss and other hotties such as Lilly Donaldson, Naomi Campbell and Stella Tennant for VOGUE UK Oct 2009.
Kate how do you do it?

The best of Moschino

Oh to be dazzled by Fashion Week in Milan (2009)! There were plenty of luxe looks, like the navy military coat with rosette-covered sleeves and some cinched frocks, to covet.



50's rock n' roll trendsetters

Michael Jackson was a true icon with his trend setting military band jackets.
Get yourself a military style jacket NOW! Team it up with denim shorts for summer or get that structured look with skinny jeans and your biggest pair of stilettos.

You cannot go wrong with this look.


Hello Blogging World!

…welcome to Cue Modus.

I didn’t think that my first blogging experience would be done in a great amount of pain, but it is. I can tell you there is absolutely nothing attractive about having your wisdom teeth out. I have an ice pack strapped around my head and for the past couple of days I have indulged in all sorts of pureed foods. yumm (not). But I must say there is something sort of refreshing about having your boyfriend wait on you hand and foot, is that wrong?

With all the time in the world, I believe that there is no greater time to start writing and inspiring you about the things that rule my world. Cue Modus (forward fashion) is a heading of a world that ignites a lust for cutting edge fashion. I am constantly examining the fine pieces sculpted by hundreds of designers and so I hope that what inspires me in this lunatic world can equally inspire you.

LL x