Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My wardrobe is a treasure chest

I feel so repetitious when I say this, but I am over loaded with uni work this week, as usual I have left everything to the absolute last minute. But I actually can't believe I am not the slightest bit worried or stressed. Why oh why do fashion blogs and eBay seem to snare me from my duties!? Maybe I should start praying for a bit of stress then I might become more motivated. Anyway, again to make another excuse not to write a very long essay on public relations theories (not to mention, I have no idea what I am talking about) I decided it was time to pull out all those pieces in my wardrobe that still had their price tag on or were next to new. I came across these shoes, I completely forgot I was the proud owner of these little things. I remember I found them in the cutest boutique, they were the only ones and a perfect fit! I am all about bows and frills so I could not leave these behind for someone elses feet. I know you must be wondering why my excitement for these shoes hasn't led me to wearing them to death. Well that's a good question, I actually have no idea either.

To do list for this weekend... wear these shoes!


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