Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just a quick note

Just want to point out that my right arm is not fat, i repeat n..o..t fat. I totally just noticed how weird it looks in the second picture below. Anyway life goes on. Tonight I went to a clothes swap party with the lovely Pariss. For those that do not know what a clothes swap party is, you take along your unwanted items and swap with your girlfriends until your heart is content. You can pick up some real treasures. Pariss got a real steal, a cute fur vest. I got myself some bardot shorts, white mini dress and beret. If you have never been to a clothes swap or held one yourself, do it. And invite me :) I always have things to trade.
Weekend was looking up, but I just saw the weather on the news, weekend just went down. Thinking about going to melbourne with Tim in uni holidays in June/July. Can anyone please inform me on the shops to hit. I am after some vintage treasures.


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